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Instructor Bios:

Patty Chang Anker
Patty was a stressed-out public relations executive when she discovered yoga and found a safe space in which to breathe, heal, and simply be. Yoga strengthened her body, energized her spirit, calmed her nerves and cleared her mind. She was amazed. Hoping to bring the power of yoga into other people's lives, Patty became a certified instructor in Integral Yoga. She is also certified to teach prenatal yoga, is a Reiki I practitioner, and is currently studying healing meditation. Her yoga practice is wide ranging and her classes draw on many different styles, including Vinyasa, Kripalu, Anusara, Iyengar and Rasa yoga. She has taught at Riverdale Neighborhood House, Integral Yoga Upper West Side Center, The Town School, and private clients. When she isn't teaching yoga, Patty (aka Grace's Mom) can be found chasing her extremely energetic pre-schooler around Riverdale. Patty is currently teaching the Wednesday 7pm hatha yoga class, as well as some Sundays at 4pm.

Madeleine Brainerd
Madeleine’s yoga practice began thirty years ago in her student days and continued when she became a professor. After an automobile accident, her hatha practice improved her recovery so much --- that she decided to teach yoga. Madeleine is certified in Classical Hatha Yoga through the Integral Yoga Institute, in Yoga for People with Cancer & Cardiac Conditions through the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, CPR, and most recently Wilderness First Aid - so you can always feel safe in her company while enjoying Mother Earth. Madeleine teaches hatha yoga classes at the Integral Yoga Institute of New York City, Riverdale Yoga in the Bronx as well as privately. She also studies, writes and speaks on culture and ecology (how human beings relate to other species and the earth). She believes that yoga can promote creative, ecological living. By helping people to live calmly, with strong and flexible minds and bodies, Madeleine hopes to contribute to our ability to share the planet peacefully together. Madeleine teaches the Friday 10:30am class.

Judy Rosquete
Judy came across a yoga class while she was working downtown in the real estate business. Although she earned a decent income selling real estate, the work and lifestyle were not gratifying. Continuing with her mind-body practice of yoga brought her so much joy and peace that she wanted to share this feeling of bliss with others. “Yoga changed my whole way of thinking and helped me to deal with obstacles in my life”. Judy is certified to teach classical hatha yoga through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. Additional certifications include Therapeutic Yoga through the Integral Yoga Institute, Pre-Natal/Mommy & Baby through the Yoga for Two� system with Mary Ann Barnes. Judy teaches the 4pm class a couple of the Sundays a month. She rotates her Sunday class schedule with Patty.