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Description of Classes:

Class begins with some light warm-up exercises followed by slightly challenging poses that will help to loosen up tight muscles and build strength. Props such as straps and blankets are used to keep you comfortable & relaxed.  None scheduled at this time. [see schedule]

photo of girl doing backbendThis is a mixed-level class for students ranging from beginners to intermediate level.
Students are encouraged to do only as much as they feel comfortable.
Class begins with a gentle cardio exercise known as the Sun Salutation series. The Sun Salutation series is a combination of movements flowing slowly from one pose into another while connecting each movement with the breath. This helps to warm the body and increase circulation.

The steady poses that follow are designed to increase flexibility, lengthen and strengthen the body. You will learn some inversions such as the head stand and the shoulder stand.
We do use props such as blocks, blankets and straps as well as the assistance of the wall, when needed.
Class ends with a few breathing exercises followed by a ten-minute final relaxation.  [see schedule]

Intermediate / Advanced:
photo of man doing handstandSimilar to the Open class, but the steady poses are more challenging and are held longer. There is less explanation. This class is not recommended for beginners.  None scheduled at this time. [see schedule]

Pilates Mat:
These exercises focus on “core” muscles specifically the abdomen, back and buttocks, together with deep, coordinated breathing.  Pilates classes have been canceled.[see schedule]